Letter of Invitation

CIE centenary Conference

Towards a New Century of Light

Paris, April 15 and 16, 2013
Invitation letter
CIE is celebrating its one hundredth anniversary! A century during which our knowledge of lighting fundamentals has taken enormous leaps forward, bringing new applications of light supported by both technological advances and economic success. A century that began with the revolution of the electric light and efforts to bring both the electric light bulb and the power it required into common use ends with the need to reduce energy distribution and use, and brings a technology that promises to achieve this for lighting.
CIE’s mission “to promote worldwide cooperation and exchange of information on matters associated with light and lighting” is as relevant today as it was one hundred years ago.
As we move into a new century, knowledge, technology and the economy bring new challenges, among them:
  • Light is important for vision, and is also crucial for health and mood
  • Light is in need of measurement, appropriate to application and effect
  • Light is a commodity, but it is also art and design, interactive and personalised
  • Light is a commodity, but it can also be disruptive, a pollutant, an irritant, a waste
Our understanding of new technologies and the impacts of light must be used to enhance the positive and reduce the negative effects of light. Light, like life, should show versatility, intelligence and sustainability, realising that “the more the better” is not always necessary or best.
In celebration of a centenary of knowledge, and in recognition of our new challenges, we present a conference centred around three themes:
Rhythm of life, rhythm of light
Intelligent lighting
City at night
We would like to celebrate our centenary in the company of our valued CIE members, with their vast technological expertise, and with those who use and appreciate light as art and healing or inspiration, providing a special forum for discussion and interaction.
It is our honour to invite you to discuss these subjects during a two-day conference, as participants or as contributors. We have chosen the venue in Paris for its very obvious long history in lighting. This is also where the CIE was officially created and hosted.
We are looking forward to meeting you in Paris.
Ann Webb                            Cyril CHAIN
President of the CIE                      President of CIE-France